Something rather different

Would someone like to recommend a blog-consolidator other than Bloglines? I am damn well sick of seeing their freakin Bloglines Plumber. If they can't afford a backup system or just can't make their software work for two or three days at a time, I'm willing to pay [gasp] for someone who can do it.


denisdekat said...

I never used them, do you like that? Is it easaier to see all the blogs you like that way? I like to pay a visit to the blogs I like, I almost feel that an aggregator takes me away a bit from their world.

Maybe I am totally wrong :D

Porlock Junior said...

Well, I'm pretty much in the Compulsive Blogreading phase, and there is a very long list of places I like to visit. And some don't produce postings with great regularity; so it saves time to have an aggregator listing where the new stuff is.

But becoming dependent on a website to be able to follow one's chosen blogs, and cleaning out those many entries that were cluttering up the bookmarks list: not so good, if the site makes a noise like a Yo-Yo, going up and down.

On the whole, I like the convenience.

By the way: A classmate of mine in the Eastbay, 1950s, was Denise DeKat. Not the most common name in the world. Any connection? If so, give her my regards. (And if by chance you are she, trying to avoid some gender harassment, no need to blow your cover; just curious.)