Patience rewarded

At SadlyNo (via the Poor Man) we have news of a major threat: the Republicans may be losing the kook vote. In evidence we see a characteristically articulate analysis by Kaye Grogan laying out the reasons for that group which she calls Christians to abandon the party as it has abandoned them.

It's best summarized by mdhatter in the comments:

awe nice! that bit at the end

It’s time to start a new viable third party

I knew if we just waited they’d flinch first.

But that's not all; jpj adds,

So, building highways in Texas is a Christian issue. Huh.

It kind of summons up a picture of Kate going down the road to where they are repairing potholes with a huge sign reading, “Repent Sinners!” and screaming, “Blasphemers! You will burn in hell!” at the workers.

But of course! After all, they're paving it with good intentions.


Thomas Nephew said...

Actually, Grogan's right about that superhighway, I think, it's really pretty pernicious. Even a blind pig finds an acorn now and then.

mdhatter said...

i love that you seem to take me, of all of them, me, seriously.