Helping the war effort

Jesus' General has organized an effort to support our troops by supplying reinforcements, now that Army recruiting is way down, from the ranks of the highly educated and patriotic Young Republicans. For some reason or other, he has adopted a logo of a Yellow Elephant.

They now have the first report from one of the special operatives. I do recommend looking at it. The Young Repugnants' level of politicial seriousness and sophistication, let alone their patriotism, must be seen to be believed. (Oh, and if the YR correspondence turns out to be a hoax, it's a far better and nastier one than the creationist maybe-hoax I just wrote up.)


Sylvia Drake said...

I love Jesus' General! I don't know if I follow your commentary, though. Do you mean you think he may be a satire on liberal satire? That would be extremely sophisticated, but I think he's just the kind of satirist that he looks like (he's very deadpan, but the pissing elephant and the slogan are a dead giveaway).

Also, his blog's logo is the "Buddy Christ" from the movie Dogma.

Porlock Junior said...

Thanks for the logo identification, which of course I wouldn't pick up on.

No, the intent of the blog is clear enough, and I love his couple of layers of sarcasm with the emphasis on being a French operative. The "hoax" comment was meant to apply to the correspondence between the secret operatives and the YRs, as in, can ANYBODY POSSIBLY SUCH ASSHOLES?

We all know the answer to that, of course.

Sylvia Drake said...

Ah yes, I see, and yes, that was...yeah, I couldn't really...

Yeah. WTF, as the kids say.