Look down, look down

and see my pretty little blog formatted decently again. Thanks to Zachary for getting me off dead center.


that lonesome road, and you'll find my text.

Blogspot seems to have mucked up something. I'm not the only one whose text has suddenly been forced down below the sidebar. Meanwhile I need to keep assigning new dates to this silly text to keep it on top.


Zachary said...

Have you tried reposting your entire blog? If that doesn't work, you can always just pick another template, load it, and then go back to the original template. That should do the trick as well.

Porlock Junior said...

Thanks, but I've now tried them both. The second time, I loaded a different standard template, posted the whole thing (came out ok, so far as that template is ok), then loaded back my old template as saved immediately before the experiment, then published again.

Changing templates completely is such a drag, but maybe I'll be forced into it.

(So why haven't I filed some kind of bug report? Incredulity and despair. Let me see now, when was the last time I filed a bug report and it was fixed?)

Porlock Junior said...

Well, stupid me. I got off my ass and started looking at Blogger Buzz, and they've got an esperimental fix, and it seems to fix. Thanks for the prod.